“Elric lifted the huge blade easily and turned it this way and that, admiring its alien beauty. ‘Stormbringer,’ he said . . . . it was suddenly as if he had been born again and that this runesword was born with him. It was if they had never been separate. ‘Stormbringer.’ And the sword moaned sweetly and settled even more smoothly into his grasp.” Elric of Melniboné

Where the Old is New Again…

Stormbringer! is a website dedicated to pen & paper gaming in the worlds of Michael Moorcock’s (an author whose writings are now widely regarded as classics) Eternal Champion. It actively catalogues and collects material published for these venerable roleplaying games, with the ultimate goal of keeping the memory of games like Chaosium’s Incorporated Stormbringer and Mongoose Publishing’s Elric of Melniboné alive. We hope by doing so to bring together past players and new fans alike, generating new material and encouraging ongoing discussion on all editions of these games.


Why the Worlds of Eternal Champion?

Good question. There has been huge amounts of quality material created for these great games in the past 4 decades, and this site is a chance to bring all of it together in one location. In these games YOU take the role of a hero, discovering the secrets of the Million Spheres, exploring the nature of the multiverse, and pitting your wits against Gods of Law, Chaos and the Balance. These are games of fate and futures, where doomed worlds searches for salvation.

But these games are now out-of-print!

Just because a game is no longer in print, it doesn’t mean that it is no longer fun or interesting. Stormbringer saw 4 editions (5 if you include its incarnation as ELRIC!) and Elric of Melniboné two, and each of these offered something new and different to the game and its setting. Its important that a game that has offered so much fun and pleasure to gamers the world over has some central point — we want Stormbringer! to be that location.

What is in a Name?

Stormbringer is the name given to Elric’s (the protagonist of one of the first incarnations of the Eternal Champion) sword, and it is also the title of the first Eternal Champion RPG published way back 1981 by Chaosium Inc.