Month: June 2005

Character Sheets & References

With every edition and version of Stormbringer and the other Eternal Champion roleplaying games, a new character sheet has appeared to assist players and game masters alike to keep track of their heroes. Some of these are collected here.

Stormbringer 1st & 2nd Edition

Stormbringer 3rd Edition

Stormbringer 4th Edition

Elric! Edition

Stormbringer 5th Edition

Two-page Character Sheet Download as a pdf document (66KB)

NPC & Demon summary sheet, originally found on the Chaosium website.

Dragon Lords of Melnibone

Character Sheet (Front Page only), originally found on the Chaosium website.

Herald of Doom: The Stormbringer Fanzine

First published in 1994, the Herald of Doom was a short lived Stormbringer/Elric! fanzine that saw contributions from many of the games leading authors. Edited and published by Malcolm Wolter, this professional looking magazine broke ground in both presentation and content. Contributors included Mark Morrison (renowned Call of Cthulhu author), Richard Watts (Line Developer of the ELRIC! edition and regular contributor here at Stormbringer!) and Lawrence Whitaker (who is one of the key writers for Mongoose Publishing’s Eternal Champion line).

It is hoped that additional issues of Herald of Doom will be released over the coming year.

Please note, this is a scanned copy of the original issue, and at the editors request has limited accessibility. It is a pleasure for Stormbringer! to be able to host this fantastic magazine and everything it represented to the game line.

Gaming Advice

While there is no ‘one true way’ to run a campaign or adventure set in the worlds of the Eternal Champions, each Stormbringer Game Master brings his or her own experience and advice to the table. Collected here are articles and suggestions on bringing the multiverse to life.

Intricate Destinies by Richard Watts

Suggestions for running a Stormbringer campaign in the Young Kingdoms. This articles includes information on Character and Plot Driven campaigns, as well as addressing the issues with introducing Elric of Melniboné into your own adventures.

Alternate Rules & Mechanics

Gamers are always tinkering with the rules and mechanics of their favourite games. Collected here are a variety of these creative changes and suggestions.

Alternate Magics by Andrea Rocci

An article on modifying spells and summonings in Stormbringer 5th edition.

20sided Conversion

Not to be confused with Wizards of the Coast’s D20 system, the 20sided conversion is aimed at improving speed and simplicity within the rule set. A living document, the 20sided conversion rule set will grow as additions are made to the mechanics. Note that copy of either Stormbringer 5th edition or ELRIC! is required to use this conversion document properly.

Conversion Ruleset

The core conversion ruleset detailing the aims of the 20sided system, and how to transfer existing Stormbringer 5th edition adventurers into this system.

Optional Allegiance Rules

Detailing new rules for using the three powers of Law, Chaos and the Balance in a 20sided Stormbringer campaign.

Conversion Documents

Over the years, the worlds of the Eternal Champion have appeared in a variety of editions using a myriad of rules. Collected here are some of the conversion documents available, translating the statistics and mechanics from one system to another.

Slave of Fate Conversion by Jason Durall

The original Slaves of Fate was developed for the Dragon Lords of Melnibone D20 version of Stormbringer. Chaosium also produced the following conversion for Stormbringer 5th edition.

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