A Dead God’s Dream by Dean Paolillo

A Scenario for Elric of Melniboné ruleset

Set in the years prior to Prince Yyrkoon’s rebellion, A Dead God’s Dream throws veteran characters into intrigue and adventure in the twin capitals of Oin and Yu – Dhoz-Kam. Written by Dean Paolillo, this Elric of Melniboné adventure is easily converted into the Stormbringer ruleset.

A Dead God’s Dream is an Elric of Melniboné scenario for 4-5 Veteran characters or equivalent, one of which must be a sorcerer. This story assumes that Yyrkoon still dwells in Melniboné plotting Elric’s demise. He has not fled Imrryr, acquired the Mirror of Memory and conquered Dhoz-Kam. Games Masters who wish set this story after Yyrkoon flees through the Shade Gate can do so with ease.


Interview with Ben Monroe


Interview with Malcolm Wolter


  1. John Brennan

    Dean Paolillo has an unrivaled imagination and amazing ability to interweave game mechanics and storytelling. BRAVO!

  2. James Tower

    I have read this to a great degree and find that Dean has mastered the art of creating another wonderfull facet of the Young Kingdoms in this work!!!

  3. Andrea Rocci

    Great scenario! I’m running it play-by-forum and having loads of fun!
    Thanks fo creating it!

  4. Dean Paollllo

    I’m glad you and your players are enjoying the scenario Andrea. I’d love to know how it played out with your group.

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