Site Update 2017

Hi All,

Just a note to say that there has been a bit of a tidy-up on the site, including a new website template (called ‘Lovecraft’ after one of my favourite authors, nonetheless!). This has also meant cleaning up some of the background code that was a result of formatting for the old template, and I’m sure, especially in the older posts, etc. that I’ve not caught it all.

In regards to new content, there isn’t much on the horizon at moment, but what I have rolling around in my head is:

  • An interview with Jean Luc over at Sombresprojects (the French publishers of Mournblade).
  • An old adventure Stormbringer 5th edition adventure I’ve toyed with for years
  • More detail in the catalogue area (not to mention rebuilding the wiki!)

As to when these will eventuate, I’m not so sure, but never fear SB is never too far from my mind…

– Stormbringer!



Interview with Malcolm Wolter


A History of Stormbringer in Spanish

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  1. Rami Frankl

    Wow. So happy to have found this site!

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