Interview with Ben Monroe

Ben Monroe was the creator of the Stormbringer 4th edition Magic system and is the author of the forthcoming Magic World RPG. Ben is a former Chaosium employee with close ties to the company, a master of layout (and the sacrifices given to such a task), and an all-round great guy. Earlier this year Stormbringer! took the time to talk about his input into our favourite RPG and his upcoming release (which as a lot more in common with Stormbringer than you could have ever have guessed!).


Old Hrolmar by Richard Watts


A Dead God’s Dream by Dean Paolillo


  1. Great to hear that Ben is still busy in the industry. I came to Stormbringer via the Elric! edition and I loved it from the off, but had been a longtime BRP player for years before thanks to CoC. Although I have some appreciation for what LW has done with the Mongoose version it just feels… lightweight by comparison, and the constant rehashing of the Runequest (RQ6???) rules is getting increasingly tedious and distant from the original elegance of the system. Magic World on the other hand sounds like a nice consolidation of what makes Stormbringer/Elric! such a great time and it will mean no more scouring Ebay for those old supplements just to get hold of three pages of additional rules. I look forward to it.

  2. Ken Winland

    Magic World *is* neat, but it is just a consolidation as you noted. There is little new material, but it does keep the old material in print for a new generation. You can still find copies of the last edition of Stormbringer or even Elric! on Amazon or eBay for reasonable prices, as well as Bronze Grimoire.

    RQ6 is getting more distant from Stormbringer/Elric! mechanically, but it is still compatible. It is also spearheaded by Lawrence Whitaker, and has some interesting ideas. You should check it out.

  3. I went through a pireod of reading all the Michael Moorcock the library could provide at one point. The pireod ended when I couldn’t find any more I hadn’t read. I think I was personally more captivated by Count Brass, a figure which turned up (okay only a character with similarities) in David Gemmell’s Legend series. In the end I went down the route of buying Gemmell. I couldn’t say which is better without rereading Moorcock though (it has been 15 years give or take).

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