The following websites and publishers continue to support Stormbringer in some form or another.

  • BRP Central ~ The forum for all things Chaosium, and home to the official Stormbringer discussion forum.
  • Chaosium Inc. ~ Original publishers of (the now out-of-print) Stormbringer, in all its various guises.
  • Mongoose Publishing ~ The publishers of (the now out-of-print) Elric of Melniboné (of which there where 2 editions).
  • Eternal Champion ~ The defunct Yahoo discussion group (membership required).
  • The Tavern ~ A UK centred forum, discussing most things RPG and fantasy.
  • Moorcock’s Miscellany ~ The Official Michael Moorcock Website (with forums).
  • Darcsyde Products ~ Australian~based publishers of the Corum RPG (which is fully compatible with Stormbringer 5th edition). The current status of Darcsyde is unknown, although all website remains active.
  • Stormbringer Roleplaying Society – A Google+ site for all things Stormbringer, Elric and beyond!

Completing the Collection

While Stormbringer (in all its various guises) is no longer in print, there are still many copies of all of the core rules and most supplements available via numerous means (including official pdfs).

  • Wayne’s Books & Old School Games ~ Wayne’s Books has a large collection of Stormbringer material, and maintains a page dedicated to these editions.
  • Noble Knight Games ~ Probably the world’s leading second hand dealer of used roleplaying games, it has a large rotating stock of Elric and Stormbringer products (including some of the hard to find supplements), just make sure you search under both the Elric & Stormbringer titles.