Stormbringer & Elric!

Stormbringer was first published by Chaosium in 1981. The first edition was written by Ken St Andre and Steve Perrin, and was followed by a 2nd (little more and a tidy-up), 3rd (Games Workshop’s Hardcover book) and 4th edition (Chaosium’s single book format ~ which also including material from the Stormbringer Companion). The Elric! edition was published in the 90s with the 5th edition of Stormbringer (a revised and expanded Elric! edition) published in 2000. With the rise of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition, a Dragonlords of Melniboné D20 version was released in 2001.

Stormbringer 1st Edition (Click to Expand)

Stormbringer was first published by Chaosium in 1981 and was written by Ken St Andre and Steve Perrin. It was reprinted a number of times, with changes between each printing (including depth of box, colour of map and the move from a single rulebook to three manuals).

First Edition Box set (CHA2006-X)

Stormbringer_1st_EditionDescription – Core Rules Box set
Author – Ken St Andre & Steve Perrin
Published – 1981-1984
Page Count – Depends on Printing
ISBN – ?????

Stormbringer reveals more about my own fantasy books and characters than I could hare guessed! It does not merely derive from the books — it complements them perfectly. The game is delightful. – Michael Moorcock

Stormbringer is an easy-to-play game of Fantasy Role-Playing. Participants create imaginary characters to go adventuring through a world of fantasy where magic is real, heroes exist, and there are many places for adventure!

Stormbringer is set in the world of the Young Kingdoms — Michael Moorcock’s fantasy world for his Erie stories. Visit Imrryr, the capital of Melnibone, home of Elric. Visit the island of Pan Tang, where many sorcerers live. Explore exciting Tarkesh, the home of the greatest sailors of the Young Kingdoms. Meet Moonglum, Elric’s side-kick and rouge from eastern Elwher. Meet Rackhir, the Red Archer, a warrior-priest of Chaos, who is the greatest champion of Tanelorn. Meet Myshella, the Sleeping Sorceress and Mistress of Kaneloon, who commands powers that can create worlds. Try not to meet Stormbringer, the powerful runesword holding the key to the fate of the Young Kingdoms.

Characters begin as warriors, priests, nobles, hunters, sailors, merchants, or even beggars, working and fighting their way through adversity to reach greatness, wealth, magic, and fame.

In this game Game Masters are responsible for running scenarios, though players can go on solo adventures as well. A scenario is a single adventure which might b: a raid against monsters, a quest for a magical item, guarding a caravan, or ambushing a dragon. This box contains everything needed to set up such adventures.

STORMBRINGER RULESBOOK — This extensive guide to fantasy roleplaying is complete in itself. Rules for playing the game include a guide to the Young Kingdoms, how to create characters, weapons and combat, character skills, magic, religions, monsters, and an introductory scenario.

MAP TO THE YOUNG KINGDOMS — A beautiful wall map of the world of Elric as created by Michael Moorcock in his novels.

CHARACTER SHEETS — Pre-printed forms for players and referees to conveniently profile a character’s attributes are included, ready to fill out.

SIX SPECIAL POLYHEDRAL DICE — Also included an one 4-sided die, one 8-sided die, one 20-sided die, and three 6-sided dice used in the game.


Stormbringer 2nd Edition (Click to Expand)

The revised and updated Box set that saw many presentation changes from the earlier edition, while remaining essentially the same in detail. More information about the various print runs and versions of this edition can be found at Wayne’s Books and Old School Games (where Wayne has put considerable effort and time in collating details of the editions).

2nd Edition Box set (CHA2101-X)

Stormbringer_1st_EditionDescription – Core Rules Box set
Author – Ken St Andre & Steve Perrin
Published – 1985
Page Count – Players Book (64 pages)/Magic Book (36 pages)/Gamemaster Book (28 pages)
ISBN – 0-933635-00-1

Stormbringer reveals more about my own fantasy books and characters than I could hare guessed! It does not merely derive from the books — it complements them perfectly. The game is delightful. – Michael Moorcock

Uh oh…

You knew you were in for trouble when you answered the strange offer for work — few sailors in those northern parts are offered a noble’s pay in gold for a voyage with winter coming on, and fewer still are offered the job from a Melnibonéan wizard. Gads! What horrid eyes he had, red as blood, and skin as pale as a corpse’s. But the money was good and plenty, and there was little more to do in a frigid city like Banarva. Besides, who else but a famed Tarkeshite sailor like you could handle that strange ship?

But this? What can you do against an Elemental Lord like Grome, who can toss huge ships, even magical ships, about like bath toys? What about Elric, the one who hired you? He’s a brooding sort, and no mean sorcerer either. He’d have your head before you could turn to face him. And his sword, Stormbringer, is supposed to hold the fate of the Young Kingdoms within its eldritch blade. Maybe they can do something about this Grome. . .

STORMBRINGER is an easy-to-play game of fantasy roleplaying. Participants in the game create imaginary characters who go adventuring through a fantasy world where magic is real and heroes exist. Characters can begin play as a sailor, warrior, priest, noble, hunter, merchant, or even a beggar, working and fighting through adversity to gain magic, money, and fame.

This box contains everything needed to create and play such adventures.

INCLUDED IN THIS BOX — Players Book (welcome to the Young Kingdoms, character generation, movement, weapons & combat, skills, poisons, etc.), Magic Book (sorcery, lesser demons, elementals, Beast Lords, cults of Chaos, cults of Law), Gamemaster Book (hints for the gamemaster, a complete short adventure, statistics for characters from the novels), Map of the Young Kingdoms (17×22″), Reference Booklet (explanation of box contents, character sheets, 8 pages of reference tables, prices, etc. Three polyhedral dice (1D6, 1D8, 1D20) are included, enough to play the game.

As noted at its entry on RPGGeek, changes from Stormbringer (1st Edition) include:

  • Corrections to errata incorporated into rules
  • Original rulebook split into separate Players Book, Magic Book, and Gamemaster Book booklets
  • Map reduced in size from 22×28″ to 17×22″
  • Includes three dice (1D6, 1D8, 1D20) instead of six (1D4, 3D6, 1D8, 1D20)

Stormbringer Companion (CHA2102)

Stormbringer_Companion_CoverDescription – Supplement with additional rules & 6 scenarios
Author – Various
Published – 1983
Page Count – 80
ISBN – 0-933635-07-9

Includes 2 Solo Adventures

Stormbringer is a roleplaying game of action and adventure in the Young Kingdoms, the world created by noted author Michael Moorcock in his ELRIC novels. This is the first supplement produced specifically for Stormbringer.

Within this book you will find two main sections: Additions and Scenarios. The Additions section contains creatures, heroes (or antagonists), and exotic treasures for use by the Game Master in Stormbringer adventures.

The Scenarios section contains six far-ranging adventures ready for immediate play. The adventurers will travel the world over: starting from daunting Forest of Troos, through the Dragon Sea, into the Marshes of Mist, over the northern hills of Shazaar, and onto the Plane of Shadows. They must meet and master every foe imaginable, but the rewards are well-worthwhile for the few lucky survivors.

New Adventures, Creatures & Heroes

Demon Magic: The Second Stormbringer Companion (CHA2103)

Demon_MagicDescription – Supplement with additional rules & scenarios
Author – Various
Published – 1985
Page Count – 80
ISBN – 0-933635-19-2

Stormbringer Excitement!

DEMON MAGIC is the second companion for Stormbringer, the roleplaying game of action and adventure in the Young Kingdoms.

Authorised by fantasy author Michael Moorcock, DEMON MAGIC includes all necessary statistics, maps, and plans, and contains many original illustrations. Among its contents are:

  • The Velvet Circle: a scenario in seven chapters, which takes many sessions of play to conclude. The adventure includes a complete red-light district, with business notes and a plan of the Circle.
  • Sorcerer’s Isle: a shorter, more intense scenario to fill one or two evenings.
  • Runes of Rathdor: analyzes and describes the properties of six magical runes discovered during the reign of the 42nd Emperor of Melnibone.
  • Sanity for Stormbringer: introduces the optional characteristic of SAN into Young Kingdoms play.
  • Six new creatures, six nationalities, seven new Demon abilities, and five new magic items.

More Adventures, Creatures, and Magic

Stealer of Souls: A Quest for Vengeance in Ilmioria (CHA2104)

Stealer of SoulsDescription – Scenario
Author – Ken Rolston
Published – 1985
Page Count – 44
ISBN – 0-933635-27-3

Stormbringer Excitement

STEALER OF SOULS is a scenario book for use with the STORMBRINGER game. The scenarios depict a woman’s quest for revenge against a deadly conspiracy of merchants in Bakshaan. The four merchants (rivals of the woman’s father, a man named Haver Nikorni hired Elric to storm his keep and kill him. That battle is chronicled in the Moorcock story entitled “Stealer of Souls”.

Freyda Nikorn, the dead merchant’s daughter gathers together a group of adventurers and friends to embark on her mission of vengeance. The adventures in this book tell the tale of Freyda’s vengeance against the four merchants, and her success or failure is determined by the players.

The gamemaster is provided with extensive information on the government, culture, and environment of Bakshaan. A complete description of a Bakshaan-Karlaak trade car-avan is also included. Extensive character descriptions aid the gamemaster in storytelling.

Four pages of player pullouts provide the players with all the information they need to start playing the scenarios. The pullouts include player•character knowledge of Bak. sheen, a map of the city, and statistics for Freyda Nikorn.

The companion to this volume, called BLACK SWORD tells of Freyda’s quest to find Elric himself, and of their ultimate battle.

A Quest for Vengeance in Ilmiora

Black Sword: Pursuit of the White Wolf (CHA2105)

Description – Scenario
Author – Ken Rolston
Published – 1985
Page Count – 64
ISBN – 0-933635-28-1

Stormbringer Excitement

BLACK SWORD is a scenario book for use with the STORMBRINGER game. The scenarios depict a woman’s quest for revenge against Elric himself. Elric was hired by three merchants of Bakshaan (rivals of the woman’s father, a man named Haver Nikorn) to storm the Nikorn keep and kill her father. That battle is chronicled in the Moorcock story entitled “Stealer of Souls”.

Freyda Nikorn, the dead merchant’s daughter gathers together a group of adventurers and friends to embark on her mission of vengeance. The adventures in this book tell the tale of Freyda’s quest for vengeance against Elric and of Freyda’s final battle with the White Wolf. Her success or failure is determined by the players.

Freyda’s quest takes her across the land of Ilmiora to observe the breadth of the destruction which always follows in Elric’s wake. Elric’s adventures during this period are chronicled in the book “The Bane of the Black Sword”.

The gamemaster is provided with extensive information on the governments, cultures, and environments of the various lands which Freyda must visit while following Elric’s trail, including Nadsokor, Org, and Katlaak of the Jade Towers. Non-player-character descriptions aid the gamemaster in storytelling.

The companion to this volume, called STEALER OF SOULS tells of Froyda’s revenge against the conspiracy of merchants who slew her father, and of their plots against Freyda herself.

Pursuit of the White Wolf

White Wolf: Temples, Demons & Ships of War (CHA2108)

Description – Supplement
Author – Various
Published – 1987
Page Count – 56
ISBN – 0-933635-42-7

Explore Three Deadly Temples! Enter the Accursed Realm of Zhortra, Lord of Chaos.

White Wolf, a supplement for the Eternal Champion series of roleplaying games, presents many items of interest to gamemasters, particularly those wishing to run high-level campaigns. The book contains:

Complete information, stats, and maps for three powerful temples of the Young Kingdoms. DARKSPIRE: Temple of Chaos is a mysterious and sinister place, with many dooms for the unwary adventurer. From this dark abode the twisted worshippers of Mebelrode, the Faceless God, bring fear to all who fail to bow down to the power of Chaos! The Temple of the Eternal Flame lurks in the fiery heart of an ancient volcano. This remarkable temple is dedicated to the worship of Kakatal, Lord of Fire Elementals. The mighty fortress of HAVEN: Temple of Law stands defiant against the minions of Chaos, and offers refuge to all who flee their wrath. Its courageous guardians worship four great Lawful deities: Donblas, Goldar, Arkyn, and Callandus. They stand ready to battle Chaos whenever called upon by the faithful.

Escape from Yellow Hell, a high-level, ultra-magical scenario the will challenge even the most powerful adventurers. The adventurers must rescue a priest trapped on the Yellow Hell, a x5 Chaotic plane of the damned ruled by Zhortra, Lord of Chaos.

White Wolf also contains naval rules for the Eternal Champion series, suitable for any campaign, and new data on Elric of Melnibone (the “White Wolf”).

Any adventure created for an Eternal Champion game will function without flaw in any scenario in the series. The strength of Law or Chaos on a plane may affect a character’s magical ability.

The Octagon of Chaos (TOME 68612)

Description – Adventure (Theatre of the Mind)
Author – Tony Fiorito
Published – 1986
Page Count – 56

IN THE TIME OF SAURIC THE LXXXVI, the Bright Empire was experiencing a time of peace belying the decadence and retrogression that had gripped the empire. Imperial garrisons in the far-flung southern Kingdoms are brought home to Imrryr, the dreaming city, their need apparently past. Upon this vacuum the greedy theocrat of Pan Tang cast a crafty eye. He was not known to waste his time on trifles. In another place, a faceless Duke of Chaos contemplated the coming slaughter. . .

This volume is designed specifically for use with Stormbringer, Chaosium Inc.’s fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of the young kingdoms, as written by Michael Moorcock.

Illustrations, diagrams and a pull out map are provided to help the game-master vividly portray the events of this epoch.

The stage is set… the curtain rises… Behold! The Octagon of Chaos.

Stormbringer 3rd Edition (Click to Expand)

A hardcover edition produced in 1987 by Games Workshop in conjunction with Chaosium, it also contained the “Stormbringer Companion”.

Stormbringer (00043)

Description – Core Rule book
Author – Various
Published – 1987
Page Count – 208
ISBN – 0-933633-43-5

Available for the first time in a hardback book, and including the separately published Stormbringer Companion, Stormbringer brings alive the lands of the Young Kingdoms. Based on the same game system as the enormously popular RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure game, Stormbringer allows players to choose from a wide variety of backgrounds, from Melnibonean Noble to Pan Tangian sorcerer. All the characters and places from the Elric mythos are here, ready for your characters to meet and adventure with.
Complete details of the Young Kingdoms at the time of Elric are included, along with creatures, characters and 7 complete roleplaying adventures, including two solos. With this one volume, you have a complete guide to roleplaying in the world of Elric, Moonglum, Rackhir, Yyrkoon – and, of course, the soul-stealing demon-sword Stormbringer.

Stormbringer 4th Edition (Click to Expand)

The arrival of Stormbringer 4th edition heralded a change towards the game mechanics seen in later editions; adhering more closely to the Basic Role Playing (BRP) system. Most of the material released for this edition is compatible with the later versions of the game, although some conversion is necessary in regards to skills and the characteristic range of some characters.

Stormbringer 4th Edition (2110)

Description – Core Rule book
Author – Various
Published – 1990
Page Count – 208
ISBN – 09-33635-66-4

Stormbringer is a roleplaying game based on a series of novels written by British writer Michael Moorcock. In these tales he describes Elric, the albino Prince of an empire that ruled the Young Kingdoms for 10,000 years but has settled, into a long decline. Now new nations are on the rise in the Young Kingdoms, new heroes have come to the fore, and new stories wait to be told.

This book includes everything you need to tell such ‘heroic adventures: an introduction to the Young Kingdoms (the world of Elric); instructions and examples for character creation; how to run a Stormbringer game session; complete background information about the inhabitants and nations of the Young Kingdoms including dozens of earthly creatures and creatures of chaos (plus methods of creating your own creatures); game statistics for the major characters described in Moorcock’s tales including Elric of Melnibone and Stormbringer, his powerful runesword; religions in the Young Kingdoms; many adventures ready to play.

Rogue Mistress (2111)

Description – Campaign ranging across the Million Spheres
Author – Fred Behrendt, Lane Grate, Keith Herber, Michael Szymanski & Lawrence Whitaker
Published – 1991
Page Count – 144
ISBN – 09-33635-73-7

An Epic Campaign Across the Multiverse

The multiverse is a complex system of intertwined universes, each unique, with peculiar physical laws, varying influences of gods of Law and Chaos, and differing in the degree to which the use of magic and technology are effective.

Heroes of sufficient cunning and ability traverse the physical barriers between these universes by means of special devices, spells, or magical portals. Risking their very existence, such heroes reap the reward of fabulous magical knowledge or exotic technological weaponry.

The Rogue Mistress is a vessel able to navigate among these million universes – a pirate ship of ancient origin, captained by the beautiful Maria de Tres Pistolas who leads an exotic free-booting crew gathered from across the Million Spheres.

The adventurers encounter the Rogue Mistress as the result of a foul trap laid by Pollidemia, an immensely powerful sorceress. Using monstrous allies, she forces the adventurers to do her bidding in a manner so fiendish that she ensures their loyalty and cooperation. If successful, she promises to make them whole once again.

Rogue Mistress presents a high-powered, dangerous campaign for either the Stormbringer or Hawkmoon roleplaying games. Rogue Mistress features eight chapters, comprehensive listings of new weapons, additional races from which new adventurers can be created, plentiful illustrations, plans, and diagrams, and new rules and clarifications for the Stormbringer roleplaying game.

Sorcerers of Pan Tang (2112)

Description – Supplement detailing the Isle of Pan Tang complete with 5 Adventures
Author – Geoff Gillan, Richard Watts & Nick Hagger
Published – 1991
Page Count – 144
ISBN – 09-33635-79-6

Pan Tang is a grim island of lurking evil. Wild jungles to the north resound to the roar of a thousand tigers — the animal sacred to Chardhros the Reaper. The Plain of Glass divides the island, a shining wasteland of ancient volcanic catastrophe. The farmland to the south is a living hell to the slaves who work the great plantations.

The capital of Pan Tang is Hwamgaarl, the City of Screaming Statues. Tigers walk among men and feed when they please. Sorcerers study dark knowledge and summon awesome horrors from other planes to do their bidding. The citizens of Hwamgaarl take their pleasure in the Gardens of Pain, gather their knowledge at the University of Lucid Perversity, and propitiate the Lords of Chaos at the Palace-Temple of the Theocrat.

Jagreen Lern is the Theocrat of Pan Tang, presiding over this nightmare land. A new age is coming, and his armies are ready. Other nations of the Young Kingdoms already plot against Melnibone, and soon those plots bring war. Pan Tang hovers, vulture-like, awaiting the results of the first violent clash of Young Kingdom armies against the remaining might of Melnibone. Though Melnibone has ruled the world for 10,000 years, in only a small fraction of that time will it be destroyed.

Perils of the Young Kingdoms (2113)

Description – Scenario Collection of 5 Adventures
Author – Fred Behrendt, Geoff Gillan, Nick Hagger, Mark Morrison, Mike Syzmanski & Richard Watts
Published – 1991
Page Count – 120
ISBN – 09-33635-82-6

A thousand years ago a great war between the Dharzi and Melnibone’ eliminated the ancient race of sorcerers from the Young Kingdoms, and established the Dragon Lords as masters of the world. Far to the north of Melnibone’, the family of a lesser lord took the caverns of a tall, black island as their home, transforming the former laboratory of a Dharzi sorcerer into a magnificent abode.

Then, the Bright Empire began its inexorable decline, and the caverns were abandoned. Four hundred and fifty years have past, and something dark and vile now inhabits this isle, warping the natural order of living things and twisting their very beings into hideous monsters.

Lord Straasha summons the adventurers to the coast of Tarkesh, bordering the frigid Pale Sea and the unholy domain of forbidden Pan Tang. Visions of bloody waves ceaselessly haunt their dreams, presaging a doom to come should the heroes fail to heed Straasha’s urgent call.

Sea Kings of the Purple Towns (2114)

Description – Supplement with 4 Adventures
Author – Fred Behrendt, Nick Hagger, Mark Morrison, Anthony Utano & Richard Watts
Published – 1992
Page Count – 144
ISBN – 09-33635-43-5

Between the Oldest Ocean and the Eastern Ocean lies the Isle of Purple Towns, the center of commerce and trade in the Young Kingdoms.

Sailing into port, visitors are impressed with the magnificent buildings, the splendid markets, and friendly people. Few see the undercurrents, the dirty deals, and the politics which threatento rip apart the apparent serenity of the island.

The Isle of Purple Towns is a haven for adventurers, a safe port to count money and
plan future deeds of daring. It lies literally in the middle of the world, and ships sail from Purple Towns ports to every other nation.

It can form an excellent STORMBRINGER foundation for your roleplaying campaign.

ELRIC! Edition (Click to Expand)

Under the guiding hand of Richard Watts & Lynn Willis, Elric! was designed to build on the earlier editions of Eternal Champion gaming while revisiting Michael Moorcock’s original source material.

Elric! (2900)

Description – Core Rule Book
Author – Lynn Willis, Richard Watts & Others
Published – 1993
Page Count – 160
ISBN – 09-33635-98-2


Melnibone is an island, an archipelago set amidst the oldest ocean. Ruler of the Young Kingdoms for the past 10,000 years, Melnibone has seen the might of its once all-powerful dragons wane. Their terrifying flights are no longer common, and the dragons sleep longer after each foray.

Imrryr, the dreaming city, is the capital of Melnibone. It is rich beyond imagining, but its people are quiescent, slumbering in a stupor of neglect and decay.

Elric is emperor, 428th in line of direct-descent from the first Dragon-Lord. Elric is a brooding albino, unlike his ancestors in many ways. Yet in his hands rests the future. To be counted Elric’s friend is to be found, dead.

Stormbringer is Elric’s fearsome runesword, intelligent and malicious, with its own plan for tomorrow. Stormbringer is highly magical, harkening from an age when chaos held greater sway upon the world.

The Young Kingdoms are a handful of upstart nations, once part of the bright empire, who in the past few centuries have dared to defy once-mighty Melnibone.

Elric! is a roleplaying game set in the fantasy world of the Young Kingdoms. Exhaustive BACKGROUND features detailed descriptions of the island of Melnibone and of her former holdings, known collectively as the Young Kingdoms. CHARACTER GENERATION is quick and complete: if you would like to create a character right away, turn to pages 30-31. The forces of Law, Chaos and the Cosmic Balance affect every adventurer, their allegiances reflect the choices you make for him or her. MAGIC includes rules for demon summonings, a cast spells system, and invocations and enchantments. CREATURES & PERSONALITIES chapters describe the multitude of beasts, denizens, and humanlike inhabitants of the world. SPOT RULES highlight important game details. The GAMEMASTER CHAPTER (recommended reading for new gamemasters), TWO SCENARIOS, SIX READY-TO-COPY adventurers, a NEW WORLD MAP, INDEX, LIST OF TERMS, STORMBRINGER CONVERSION RULES, and PLAY AIDS complete this book.

Summaries of important game features occur in the Forword and Introduction.

Melniboné (2001)

Description – Supplement with Adventures
Author – Geoff Gillan, Mark Morrison, Richard Watts & Penelope Love
Published – 1993
Page Count – 132
ISBN – 15-68820-01-1


Melnibone is an island, an archipelago set amidst the oldest ocean. For 10,000 years the bright empire of Melnibone ruled the world. The folk of Melnibone are not human, and their race is far older than humanity.

Powerful sorcerers, their magic comes easily to them. As easy as breathing.  They forged unthinkable pacts with demon cods. Shaped the elements and lands to their liking, and tamed dragons and rode them to conquest.

Age has dulled the bright empire, tarnished its beauty, and weakened its people. The empire rots from within. Soon a new emperor will come to the ruby throne, and rescue Melnibone from its dotage.

Elric is that emperor, a brooding albino unhappy with his pre-ordained life. He rails against the gods of chaos, his culture, and his proud ancestors. Will he bring the bright empire back to its former glory, or send it to its extinction?


ELRIC! is a roleplaying game based on the novels of Michael Moorcock whose numerous tales about Elric and other incarnations of the Eternal Champion inspired thousands of fantasy readers.

In this game, certain heroes discover secrets about the world of the Young Kingdoms, the nature of the universe, the gods of Law and Chaos, and their plans tor the future. You and your friends will portray ordinary people from the Young Kingdoms who seek adventure and the secrets to the mysteries of Iife. You will face the same situations and dangers that Elric, Moonglum, Dorian Hawkmoon and Corum encountered, but this time you are in control and the results depend on what you decide your character should do.

Gamemaster’s Screen (2902)

Description – GM Screen & Adventure
Author – Les Brooks, Gustaf Björksten & Richard Watts
Published – 1994
Page Count – 4 page screen and 16 page adventure
ISBN – 15-68820-11-9

Fate of Fools (2903)

Description – Scenario Collection
Author – Stefan Bjorling, Lawrence Whitaker & Others
Published – 1994
Page Count – 62
ISBN – 15-68820-24-0

The Bronze Grimoire (2904)

Description – Supplement
Author – Ross A. Isaacs, Mark Morrison & Lynn Willis
Published – 1994
Page Count – 80
ISBN – 15-68820-29-1

Unknown East (2907)

Description – Supplement complete with scenario suggestions and a mini-campaign
Author – Lawrence Whitaker
Published – 1995
Page Count – 94
ISBN – 15-68820-32-1

Atlas of the Young Kingdoms Volume 1 (2905)

Description – Supplement detailing the Northern Continent of the Young Kingdoms
Author – Mark Morrison, Richard Watts, Lawrence Whitaker & Lynn Willis
Published – 1996
Page Count – 144
ISBN – 15-68820-21-6

Sailing on the Seas of Fate (2906)

Description – Supplement with 2 Adventures
Author – Nick Hagger, Mark Morrison, Carl Pates, Richard Watts & Others
Published – 1996
Page Count – 80
ISBN – 15-68820-22-4

Stormbringer 5th Edition (Click to Expand)

The final Basic RolePlaying (BRP) derived edition of the Stormbringer ruleset. Refined from the earlier ELRIC! edition and now back to using the Stormbringer title, it expanded on the background and rules to create a definitive edition. Although not well supported (with only a few Monographs produced), it remains the most comprehensive and well loved version of this great game.

Stormbringer 5th Edition (2115)

Description – Core Rule book
Author – Lynn Willis & Others
Published – 2001
Page Count – 302
ISBN – 15-68821-52-2

Gods of Chaos (Monograph #308)

Description – Supplement
Author – Charles Green
Published – 2004
Page Count – 84

Old Hrolmar (Monograph #331)

Description – Setting
Author – Richard Watts
Published – 2006
Page Count – 108

Gods of Law (Monograph #335)

Description – Supplement with 2 Adventures
Author – Charles Green
Published – 2007
Page Count – 108

Dragon Lords of Melniboné D20 Edition (Click to Expand)

The early 2000’s saw the arrival of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition. As many companies began the scramble to produce D&D 3rd edition products, Chaosium belated joined the masses with their Dragonlords of Melniboné version of Stormbringer.

Dragon Lords of Melnibone (2017)

Description – Core Rule book
Author – Lynn Willis, Charlie Krank, Richard Watts & Others
Published – 2001
Page Count – 208
ISBN – 15-68821-50-6

Slaves of Fate (2018)

Description – Adventure
Author – Jason Durall
Published – 2001
Page Count – 88
ISBN – 15-68821-54-9


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