While the world of Elric and the Young Kingdoms have been the focus for the majority of the games based in the Multiverse, both Chaosium and Mongoose Publishing explored yet other aspects of the Eternal Champion.

Chaosium's Hawkmoon (Click to Expand)

  • Hawkmoon #2106 ~ Boxset (1986)
  • The Shattered Isle #2107 ~ Supplement (1987)
  • Hawkmoon: Adventures in the Tragic Millennium #327 ~ Monograph (2006)

Mongoose Publishing's Hawkmoon (Click to Expand)

Written by Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash, this edition revised the setting to the Runequest II ruleset.

  • Hawkmoon: The Roleplaying Game #MGP8119 (2007)
  • Secrets of Tragic Europe #MGP8144(2008)
  • Castle Brass #MGP8145 (2008)
  • Hunters of Granbretan #MGP8131 (2009)

Corum (Click to Expand)

Corum (Darcsyde Productions) #2000 ~ Rulebook (2001)