While the world of Elric and the Young Kingdoms have been the focus for the majority of the games based in the Multiverse, both Chaosium and Mongoose Publishing explored yet other aspects of the Eternal Champion.

Chaosium's Hawkmoon (Click to Expand)

Hawkmoon Box Set (2106-X)

Stormbringer_1st_EditionDescription – Core Rules Box Set
Author – Kerie Campbell-Robson
Published – 1986
Page Count – 132 pages
ISBN – 0-933635-31-1
The Eternal Champion is a mystical hero who lives upon all planes of existence, in all ages and times. Whenever the greatest need arises, the Eternal Champion awakens to ensure mankind’s survival. His names are many: Elric, Corum, Erekose, Urlik, Hawkmoon, and a multitude of others. Into the thick of the fray he strides, heroic companions at his side.
Dorian Hawkmoon, Duke of Koln, is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion and the sworn enemy of the foul Granbretan empire. His homeland was ravaged, his people were murdered, and the twisted scientists of Granbretan sought to enslave Duke Dorian’s mind – thus the Jewel in the Skull.
Hawkmoon is an easily-played game of fantasy roleplaying, part of the Eternal Champion line of roleplaying games available from Chaosium. The game players create imaginary characters who adventure together through a vision of Earth as it might be, where magic is real and heroes exist…
This box contains everything you need to create and play such adventures.

The Shattered Isle #2107

Description – Supplement
Author – Kerie Campbell-Robson, Charlie Krank, Steve Perrin, Sandy Petersen, Harry A. Robson & Greg Stafford
Published – 1987
Page Count – 64 (Staple Bound booklet)
ISBN – 0-933635-41-9

THE SHATTERED ISLE is a supplement for the Eternal Champion series of roleplaying games. This series, currently consisting of the games Stormbringer and Hawkmoon, is based on the fantasy novels written by noted author Michael Moorcock. This book contains two sections: Additions and Scenarios.

ADDITIONS: contains new rules which are later used in the Scenarios. Included here are guidelines for vehicular and aerial combat and exotic and powerful weapons found in the New Fenian armory, more than 50 Beast Orders from the isle of Granbretan, and a glimpse into the daily routine of Oshol Nariva – a typical member of the Order of the Boar.

SCENARIOS: contains numerous adventures set on Tradic Millenium Earth. An extensive section titled Getting Here presents to the gamemaster capsulized methods for getting the adventurers involved with the SHATTERED ISLE scenarios, including a variety of options for both Young Kingdoms and Tragic Millenium Earth adventurers.

Any adventurer created for an Eternal Champion game will function without flaw in any scenario in the series. The strength of Law or Chaos on a plane may affect a character’s magical ability (demons take note!).

Hawkmoon: Adventures in the Tragic Millennium (Monograph #327)

Description – Core Rules/Setting Book
Author – Lawrence Whitaker
Published – 2005
Page Count – 82
This Chaosium Monograph work is a setting book for adventuring in Michael Moorcock’s Hawkmoon. It is neither a game in its own right nor a sourcebook in the traditional manner. Instead, this work is a distillation of a much larger, more complete sourcebook that will, we hope, see physical print at some time in the future [It didn’t]. The monograph series from Chaosium allows us to get at least the core of the Hawkmoon sourcebook into print, in a way that (we hope) satisfies most people. But for that to happen, we’ve had to make compromises – and we’d therefore ask of you to bear with us, and work with us by filling in the rules mechanics and system-specific gaps in a way that suits your players and your campaign style. The tools to do this already exist – in Chaosium’s Stormbringer 5th Edition and the Basic Roleplaying Players’ Book. Applying the mechanics from either or both of these superb resources should not be difficult for most gamemasters.

Mongoose Publishing's Hawkmoon (Click to Expand)

Written by Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash, this edition revised the setting to the Runequest II ruleset.

  • Hawkmoon: The Roleplaying Game #MGP8119 (2007)
  • Secrets of Tragic Europe #MGP8144(2008)
  • Castle Brass #MGP8145 (2008)
  • Hunters of Granbretan #MGP8131 (2009)

Corum (Click to Expand)

Corum (Darcsyde Productions) #2000 ~ Rulebook (2001)