Interview with Malcolm Wolter

As with many such creative endeavours it is often those behind the scenes that make the biggest difference to a project. So it was with Malcolm Wolter, editor, graphic designer and writer of Stormbringer’s one and only fanzine – Herald of Doom.

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A Dead God’s Dream by Dean Paolillo

Set in the years prior to Prince Yyrkoon’s rebellion, A Dead God’s Dream throws veteran characters into intrigue and adventure in the twin capitals of Oin and Yu – Dhoz-Kam. Written by Dean Paolillo, this Elric of Melniboné adventure is easily converted into the Stormbringer ruleset.

Interview with Ben Monroe

Ben Monroe was the creator of the Stormbringer 4th edition Magic system and is the author of the forthcoming Magic World RPG. Ben is a former Chaosium employee with close ties to the company, a master of layout (and the sacrifices given to such a task), and an all-round great guy. Earlier this year Stormbringer! took the time to talk about his input into our favourite RPG and his upcoming release (which as a lot more in common with Stormbringer than you could have ever have guessed!).

Old Hrolmar by Richard Watts

The last of Chaosium’s published monographs, Old Hrolmar explores the Vilmarian city of the same name, and details how the home of Duke Avan Astran represents a bastion of change throughout of the Young Kingdoms. This monograph includes information on the city, its inhabitants and its future in a world doomed for destruction.

Note, this edition has been reformatted and updated for the Stormbringer! site.

Additional Material

To support the Old Hrolmar monograph, we have also provided players and GMs with:

Introducing the Young Kingdoms Wiki

Hi All Stormbringer Fans!

Just to let you all know, we are currently undertaking a few changes to the site. You may have noticed that we have removed the Reviews page, but have added a link to our new Young Kingdoms wiki. The addition of a wiki, which allows us to be a little more generic and verbose with our details, means that pages that feature dedicated reviews are no longer needed; the reviews can be directly linked to the applicable article in the wiki!

The wiki also allow us to create more material that we could do easily previously – such as a dedicated Atlas of the Young Kingdoms, or more details on individual editions and supplements. But more importantly, it allows you – the Stormbringer fan – to contribute to the site; be it through additions to existing articles or material, or by detailing your own experiences in the setting and game.

While there’s not much on the wiki at the moment, it will quickly grow. However, for the time being we are limiting the rights to add to or edit the wiki to registered users only. If you would like to be registered and help us out, please contact us directly.

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