A selection of adventure ideas and scenario seeds that are ripe for a Game Master to expand and explore.

Arbroth Soulsblood – by Richard Watts

A young Pikarayd warrior is encountered by the party. Is he a friend or foe? And what horrors from the past does he bring with him? – Download as a pdf document (54KB)

The Saviour of Souls – by John R. White

The “Healer” Lonzo Kant is stirring up trouble in Old Hrolmar. What is his aims? And is he really a Friend or Foe? – Download as a pdf document (55KB)

The Doomseer – by Marcus D. Bone

A crazed madman or a seer of lost futures? Cathahan Nord offers the party a chance at redemption or disaster. – Download as a pdf document (79KB)