Cornucopia of Delights

We also want to produce and publish new material, so feel free to contact us with anything you might have for this site.

  • Scenarios – Over the years the roleplaying games of the Eternal Champion have produced untold stories for players and their characters alike to experience. Here we collect these adventures both new and old for your enjoyment.
  • Monographs – During the last few years of Stormbringer’s publishing history, Chaosium produced a number of monographs covering various aspects of the Young Kingdoms. These short, print-on-demand books had limited distribution and less than 200 of each were produced.
  • Interviews – Roleplaying games set in the multiverse of the Eternal Champion have a long and lustrous history. Where possible, Stormbringer! will attempt to track down and talk to the writers, artists and other contributors who took Michael Moorcock’s original ideas and moulded them into the roleplaying games we love today.
  • Other Publications – Over the years various authors and fans have contributed rules, advice and other exciting material to the multiverse of Eternal Champion gaming. Some of these are collected here.