The Future and the Past…

Stormbringer! is always keen on hosting your Eternal Champion scenarios, be they new adventures to thrill and ponder or venerable stories republished for posterity (only with the appropriate permission of course!).

  • A Dead God’s Dream by Dean Paolillo

    Set in the years prior to Prince Yyrkoon’s rebellion, A Dead God’s Dream throws veteran characters into intrigue and adventure in the twin capital’s of Oin and Yu, Dhoz-Kam.

  • Shadows of the Past by Michael Baumann & Matthew Hartley

    The second adventure in a two-part campaign in which the characters are drawn into the grey city of Ameeron – home of those abandoned by the Gods. With little hope of escape they must determine friend from foe and assist in resolving a decades old conflict!

  • Sands of Time by Michael Baumann & Matthew Hartley

    The first adventure in a two-part campaign (for part two see Shadows of the Past) in which the characters explore the remains of the long lost Quarzhasaati empire. Assailed on all sides, by allies and foes alike, it is a quest of treasure, magical items and forbidden knowledge.

  • Calisander by Richard Watts

    Calisander is a adventure designed to introduce novice adventurers to the Vilmirian city of Old Hrolmar and its interesting inhabitants. What begins as a simple investigation quickly escalates into a race against time, where failure to succeed might well signal the destruction of this great bastion of change.