Just what do Calisander Trammel, the limping man and Baron Zamoro of Old Hrolmar have in common? All is revealed in this exciting adventure by Richard Watts.

Calisander is a adventure designed to introduce novice adventurers to the Vilmirian city of Old Hrolmar and its interesting inhabitants. What begins as a simple investigation quickly escalates into a race against time, where failure to succeed might well signal the destruction of this great bastion of change.

Supporting Material

Additional information on the setting of this adventure – Old Hrolmar – is provided in Richard Watts’ accompanying monograph of the same name (found here).

Actual Play Recording of Calisander

Run in 2006, this adventure pits 4 new adventurers in a race against time to discover just who is Calisander, and why the sky seems about to fall on Old Hrolmar. These session were run by Marcus (as GM) and feature Emma (Rebecca Longmah, Shazarian Archer), Darryn (Coren Waverider, Seaman and Reformed Pirate), Julia (Thorn Brightsands, Nomad and Scholar from the Sighing Desert), and Nicki (Cale, a wayward soul looking for adventure).