A Scenario for the ELRIC! ruleset.

The second adventure in a two-part campaign (for the first part see Sands of Time) in which the characters are drawn into the grey city of Ameeron – home of those abandoned by the Gods. With little hope of escape they must determine friend from foe and assist in resolving a decades old conflict!

This adventure catapults the party to the Shadow Plane. This horrid place lies close to the plane of The Young Kingdoms. Moorcock’s writings indicate that it is a place of banishment for those who offend the Lords of the Higher Worlds. While it is easy to get to the Shadow Plane, leaving is an altogether different matter. The adventurers will remain stranded in this awful place unless they can find a method to get back to the Young Kingdoms. The description and atmosphere of the Shadow Plane are found in the novel Elric of MelinbonĂ©.

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