Stormbringer, 3rd Edition

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Stormbringer, 3rd Edition at a Glance

Stormbringer, 3rd Edition

Authors: Ken St. Andre, Steve Perrin

Publisher & Stock Number: GDW (4313), Chaosium (2109-H)

Publication Date & ISBN: 1987 (ISBN 0-93-363543-5)


Format & Number of Pages: Hardcover (216 pages)


  • Full title of Stormbringer: Fantasy Roleplaying in the World of Elric
  • UK edition by Games Workshop and Chaosium

From the Back Cover

Available for the first time in a hardback book, and including the separately published Stormbringer Companion, Stormbringer brings alive the lands of the Young Kingdoms. Based on the same game system as the enormously popular RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure game, Stormbringer allows players to choose from a wide variety of backgrounds, from Melnibonean Noble to Pan Tangian sorcerer. All the characters and places from the Elric mythos are here, ready for your characters to meet and adventure with. Complete details of the Young Kingdoms at the time of Elric are included, along with creatures, characters and 7 complete roleplaying adventures, including two solos. With this one volume, you have a complete guide to roleplaying in the world of Elric, Moonglum, Rackhir, Yyrkoon - and, of course, the soul-stealing demon-sword Stormbringer.


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